Whole30 – let the sugar withdrawal commence.

I just signed up to do Whole30®. I’m a nervous wreck right now, although I’ve done this

before. Mind you, I only lasted 27 days. This time I’m shooting for the full 30, so prepare to hear me bitch, moan and complain (well, more than usual).

I’ve a few goals I’m hoping to achieve from round 2. Since I now have my beloved roller derby and my P90x/Insanity hybrid, I’m hoping not to lose more weight than my original Whole30. I lost 6lbs that month so I was ecstatic! This time I’ve got exercise on my side…. and brain, since I promised myself I’ll pass my minimum skills by early 2014.

Then there’s the other health reasons. Nothing major, but i’m hoping my immune system is revived, as i’m attracting virus’s all year. I never used to catch contagious illnesses. My under active thyroid will make this challenging as I’m cutting out a lot of starchy carbs, But I guess it gives me an excuse to load up on Smokey Sweet Potato Crisps, which I’m in love with. You can call it SWYPO, but I’m not into crisps so I’m allowing these!

The big reasons though, are my disordered eating habits. I’d eat ice cream in a restaurant, as a main course, if it wasn’t frowned upon. That’s not healthy at all. Sugars got a very tight grip on me, and having to reduce fruit as well as sugar causes me to hallucinate. Oh did I mention I binge eat? I’m a stereotypical “fat person” (a stereotype I hate with a passion because us fat people aren’t all binge eating slobs. Thin people can act the exact same yet the shame gets thrown at us because we’re not ‘normal’. Everyone’s different damn it!)

I really need to stop letting my mind wonder.

I’m looking forward to feeling a bit healthy for a change.  I’m hungover at the moment so I’d welcome the nice satisfied alive feeling. Not proper hungover though. I mean the type you get from eating everything in an attempt to cure an actual hangover. Yeah…. my binges are disgusting.

I’m dreading my biggest challenge; my boyfriend. He eats the nicest smelling food on the planet so I need to make sure my cooking smells stronger and more tempting or I’ll need to move out until the 30 days are up.

Pray for me!!!



3 thoughts on “Whole30 – let the sugar withdrawal commence.

    • No problem, they’re extremely addictive- and I don’t even like sweet potato! I’m starting on the 1st of august myself. I love round 2 because I know what to expect and there’s more recipes floating about!

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