Orange is The New Black, and pre-Whole30 jitters

I just finished watching Orange Is The New Black and I have a complaint to make. The next season doesn’t start until 2014. ARE YOU SHITTING ME NETFLIX?! I can’t wait that long. I just cant.

If you haven’t watched it I order you to go on Netflix and watch it…. NOW!!! Honestly I didn’t expect much but I was pleasantly surprised. Its got a women’s prison, dirty cops, confused sexuality, gender identity, crazy stalkers, and just plain ass crazy. I’m obsessed with it – though that’s nothing new to me since I get too excited by many TV series… But the characters are all greatly interesting, and Jason Biggs character makes American Pie references. I got way too happy about this fact. And then there’s Crazy-Eyes. I feel almost emotionally connected to that woman.

Now that my declaration of love is over my starting stats for Whole30 are as follows:
164.8 lbs
41% body fat

Only a day to go…
I’m so nervous of this and keep thinking “I’ll never be able to do this”, but I need to remember I’ve done it before. I just didn’t finish the last few days.
My biggest challenge will be the three meals though, especially when I have training. Firstly, I’m used to just eating two meals with snacks in between (and i can’t snack during this either!!). My main fear is puking my brains up during/after training though. This tends to happen when I eat before I train. It doesn’t matter how long beforehand, but if I eat within 12 hours before training, I begin to fear for my life. I wouldn’t mind just vomiting, but my God the accompanying headaches kill me.

Yesterday was horrible. I ate in the morning, and when I was at training in the evening, I just felt like I was melting from the insides out. I was so weak. I’m usually unfit but this time I was embarrassingly exhausted. I usually manage to avoid it by training on an empty stomach and keeping my electrolytes up. I have a Paleo friendly electrolyte drink, made from water, salt and lemon juice though so I might be safe. I just might have to make an exception to the three meals on the evenings I train, then load up on a nice big meal afterwards.

I’m trying to be as compliant with all the rules as I can though. I want zero mistakes!

I’m gonna make August my bitch!! 


2 thoughts on “Orange is The New Black, and pre-Whole30 jitters

  1. I love your honesty in your posts. I believe the Whole 30 will become your best friend during your path to health and fitness. Go girl!

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