Freshmeat Blues

“The next set of Freshmeat are brilliant skaters”

I don’t know about you but this simple sentence has me more anxious than I’ve been since I started skating. It was the open day for our league and we were talking about the people who attended the free skate session. It terrified me.

Now I’m not easily jealous. I try my hardest and have made great improvements since starting. I was like a Bambi rollerskating on ice.

Yet, this isn’t good. My attendance has been terrible so I haven’t reached my full potential. Now this new group will be training with us twice a week, and I fear they’ll be a lot better than me. I’m really going to have to master the rules, though thats also a problem since I get bored and half of them make no sense unless I see videos.

Envy is a horrible thing. I don’t dislike the new group and I am excited there will be lovely new people (not to mention this new course looks amazing), but I’m afraid. I’m afraid of being “the crap one”, or the only one to not pass my minimum skills. I was hoping to be better by the time they started but they begin this week. I hate the thought that people who are just starting out, will be better than me who started 6 months ago.

Apologies about this negative blog, I just needed to have a virtual cry. I’m hoping I’m just panicking over nothing and I’ll try extra hard to be awesome.


4 thoughts on “Freshmeat Blues

  1. I struggle with the same thing. Girls that started at the same time as me that seem better than me, or girls who I think are the same level as me getting more praise. Envy and jealousy *can* be a good thing but the trick is turning it from something demotivating to something motivating. Not. Easy.

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