Whole 30, Day 4: Kill all the things!!!

Today was my (and Shane’s) most dreaded day. We fully expected me to start breathing fire.  While I didn’t resemble a menopausal dragon, I did have a few grumpy “I want to blow up the internet” moments. But I’m like that all the time so it didn’t count in my opinion.

I did, however, feel soooper discouraged from this Whole30 thing. In fact I’m still doubting my ability to complete it. I just craved everything today, and the knowledge that the reintroduction will probably take another few weeks depresses me.

I’m just miserable in general today. Things just kept going wrong!:

  1. I missed my bus to training by a massive 5 secondsI’d gotten everything ready last night; water, electrolyte drink, gear and my pre & post workout meals. I even got a full nights sleep for once! What a waste…
  2. I ran out of eggs, vegetables and cashew butter. This alone ruins everything. We live in a small town where there are about three businesses open on Sundays & bank holiday Mondays. Today was the Sunday and tomorrow is a bank holiday. (excuse me while I go scream into a pillow). Luckily I eventually found a shop that sells eggs. I’m hoping I can get my hands on some cashew butter and veggies tomorrow.. Pray for me, please!
  3. There were more flies than you’d see in a zombie apocalypse. Damn it why are they so Immortal, and why the need to try invade my nose/ears/eyes?! They have put me off ever going to a nudist beach.
  4. Judgemental condescending comments. For the sake of my sanity, lets not get into that.
  5. My knob broke. I was cooking and the knob for the hob I was using went all wonky. Thankfully its fixed now.

I fell asleep after getting back from the bus at 8am and didn’t wake again until after 5pm. There was one positive aspect of today though. After such a crap day and so much temptation, I managed to avoid using a binge as a coping method.

Here’s hoping tomorrows a better day.


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