Whole 30, Day 13 – Nausea and scary bus drivers

Went to training today. I felt so sluggish and sick. I didn’t take Seroquel last night, so I don’t know why I felt so crappy. I think it was the pre-workout egg. Fasted training is my friend. I kept taking breaks due to dying, and took a painkiller mid-session. 

I dislike….. No. I hate pace-lines!!!

I thought I was lucky to survive that session, but I was even more lucky to survive the bus journey home. Instead of posting the big long story, I’ll show you the complaint email I sent as soon as I got home.

To whom it may concern,
I am sending this email in response to the extremely terrifying bus journey I just had. 
I was travelling on the 22:55 bus from Limerick to Nenagh (Shannon airport – Dublin airport). I travel with [bus company] at least once a week and have no other way home at this hour.
I got to the bus stop at 22:54. I know this, because I asked the taxi driver the time and then checked my phone to be exact. I walked over to a man and asked him if he was waiting for the same bus. He informed me that he had been waiting since 22:50, and saw the bus leaving just then. He called your office to ask if it was our bus, and if the bus could turn around.
When the bus arrived, the driver was shouting at the man for being late, claiming that there was only one girl there, waiting for another bus, at 22:55. He was being very condescending when the man told him he was early, and threatened to kick him off the bus when he said we both had the right time. I was too afraid to argue as the driver seemed very aggressive, so I just went to my seat.
The journey made me extremely nervous, and I am not exaggerating when I say, I genuinely thought he was going to attack one of us.
When the man got off the bus he told the driver he would make a formal complaint, and that it’s not the first time he has had problems with him.
Although I can’t say I know this to be true, I can say that the other mans complaint is not uncalled for.
After the man got off in Birdhill, and the driver barred him, the driver called you and said the man was being extremely rude to him. I can assure you, and am prepared to swear an oath, that this was not the case.
The driver was the one being rude, and scarily aggressive.
When I was the only person left on the bus, I was really scared when it pulled over. It was probably a bus stop, but it was too dark to tell. My phone had gone dead and, I had to take out my keys in case I would be forced to use them in self defense if he was prepared to get physically aggressive.
No person, should ever have to witness a driver like that. We put our trust in the drivers to get us to our destination safely, but tonight I felt lucky to make it off the bus alive. I usually travel alone and if I ever see him again, I won’t be travelling with him. Most people would take legal action against something like this, and I would if I had evidence. I hope you deal with this matter accordingly, as I can’t go through another experience like I had last night. I will continue to travel with you if I never see this man again, as you have always been a good company to travel with.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Yours faithfully,
Charlene F****.

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