Well, This is awkward…

I uhhh…. well…. I failed.



So… I made it to day 15 of Whole30 and the stress of not having things pre-planned got to me. It had been a tough week, I was bored of eggs and in no mood to cook. So I did it. I ate my anxieties away. Next time I’ll pre-plan the whole month in advance.

I think Whole30 should have a preparatory week. I don’t mean an early start, or even easing into it, I’m talking about mental steps; pre-planning each day, and when we’ll cook what. Its easy to get bored when you only eat 3 types of meat and no fish. There should be a book on coping with sugar withdrawal because I was a huge (no pun intended) ball of emotion. I constantly craved ice-cream and almost found myself walking like a zombie  crying “graaains” during shopping trips. This could be because I was put on Seroquel, a sedative that turns you into a zombie and makes you crave sugar and carbs like your life depends on it. And the worst part is, it makes you too lazy and disorientated to boil a kettle, never mind cook. Nakd bars were like Eve’s apple. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten them, but I did….. in bulk.

So, yeah. That was a total failure on my part.

Looks like it’s back to the doing what has worked for me in the past. Weight Watchers. ProPoints is known to work for me. Slowly, but who am I to complain? Hypothyroidism really is a cold-hearted bitch.

On a totally unrelated note, I have a weight loss ad that won’t go away from my browser. Its a guy doing, what can only be described as, flapping his belly. Surely this is a form of consensual body shaming masochism??


2 thoughts on “Well, This is awkward…

    • I suppose 15 days was an achievement. I’m disappointed though since I made it to 27 days in the past. I’ve actually done intermittent fasting- both alternate day fasting and LeanGains! I might do it again, though I stopped losing weight on it last time I did it. I should probably give it another go, with a smaller eating window. I binge a lot!

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