My Neverending Quest to Find A Better Perfume Than Celine Dions “Belong”. #1: A short review of Katy Perry’s “Killer Queen”

I have an obsession with Celine Dion‘s perfumes. I prefer them to her music. My favourite scent is ‘Belong‘. In fact, I am on a mission to find a better perfume on this planet, that smells more heavenly and orgasmic. So far I have failed to do so. Although I know little about fragrance notes and all the technical crap, I do know what smells captivate me.


Today’s contender is Katy Perry’s ‘Killer Queen. I love that name…

So many things stood out about this perfume. Firstly, the theme of female empowerment, which gets a big thumbs up from me. The slogan is “Own The Throne”. I don’t know why, but these words say “treat yourself” to me. So I did!

Then there’s the box, which looks like a throne itself. The combination of posh and edgy appealed to me.


And just look at that bottle?! Its like a big expensive diamond – with perfume in it, and a gold crown. What more could you want?! The packaging on ‘Killer Queen’ is definitely better than ‘Belong’.

Now, lets get to the important bit. The smelly goodness. Unlike Dion’s floral ,fresh and slightly woody ‘Belong’, Perry‘s fragrance is sweet and floral. It does have a slight woodiness to it though, which is probably why I liked it so much. I seem to be drawn to wood. *giggles childishly*

Final Verdict:

While ‘Killer Queen’ is a scentual orgasm, ‘Belong’ is the perfume version of multiple screaming orgasms, followed by the feeling of utter relaxation. Yes, I may be a tad too sexual here.

I do love ‘Killer Queen’. In fact, if Dion’s fragrances never existed, it would be my go-to perfume. But second place to them ain’t bad! All in all, I give thee;




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