Fishy phobia

Something that scared you when you were young…are you still afraid?

I saw this topic on Mama K‘s weekly writing challenge (head over there for great blogging ideas) and instantly knew what I would write about. Fish. 

Go on.. laugh.

Fish just freak me out. I ate fish once – the texture was creepy. They have zombie eyes. They’re slimy. The way they flap about out of water is scary, and then I found out they can jump out of water like Free Willy. Needless to say, I will NOT be going on a boat at night..

As a child, I secretly wanted to ask my parents to stop getting pet goldfish, because I worried they’d jump out of the tank. That and my younger sister kept taking them out and pretending she’d throw them at me. Bitch. It didn’t help that I had recurring dreams of flying fish, which I recently discovered actually exist. 



Screw flying snakes, fish are waaaaay creepier! 

To this day I can’t look at fish without cringing. I dread them. I also can’t go past a fish shop because I fear that woman+fish smell=stupid dirty comment. I also have social anxiety though so it may not be down to my fear of fish. Either way they’re creepy. Let me share with you, a photo of these flying monsters:



The picture makes it look graceful but I see it as a moth of the ocean.



6 thoughts on “Fishy phobia

  1. If I had a sister who pretended to throw slimy fish at me I’d run scared too. That was mean. And kind of awesome. I don’t like swimming in large bodies of water because of fish so I can kind of relate to this! Although I do find them delicious. 🙂

  2. I think the flying fish looks pretty scary. I used to be afraid to swim in the ocean because I might touch a live fish. Now that I realized I am a mermaid, I’m not afraid anymore except for the ones with lots of big teeth.

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