The Clutch List. The First Step: Getting Started

Bucket lists. A list of things to do before you die. Sounds a bit morbid doesn’t it? Death is the deadline. Bah, humbug. There is something I prefer the idea of. Ladies, Gents, and Transgenders, I present to you, the Clutch List.

I kept receiving emails about an upcoming Clutch List challenge by Leigh Peele, and have only now decided to check it out. The Clutch List is a list of steps, leading to a specific goal (mine is to lose weight and love myself). Info can be found here. 

1. Write 10 things I like, or better, love about myself.

2. Have a bath with candles and stuff.

3. Paint my nails.

4. Do some sort of skincare ritual.

5. Buy new clothes.

6. Wear makeup and do hair to go to the shops.

7. Dye Hair.

8. Buy makeup.

9. Dedicate one day on the weekend mixing and matching outfits.

10. DIY something.

11. Get a beauty treatment.

12. Get a haircut.

13. Pamper myself.

14. Watch tutorial videos.

15. Exercise at least once a week.

16. Cook at least 2 meals at once and freeze one for later.

17. Get a 2 litre bottle and fill it with water to drink throughout the day.

18. Go for a walk somewhere nice.

19. Walk dog at the crack of dawn.

20. Cook something brand new.


3 thoughts on “The Clutch List. The First Step: Getting Started

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