The Clutch List: Dye hair

I usually have red hair but i gave pink a try with bleach. It lasted a whole 5 seconds before it began to fade. Here it is. The pictures tiny though so not too clear. Also i look crazy.



The dye i decided to use was a trusty Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL. I usually use Red Passion, but my mother had a spare red. I can’t remember the name of the colour but it might have been Real Red. Its a real warm bloody tomato-ey colour.

Here I am after putting it in. I waited an hour to wash it out.



Aaand heres the finished product! Kind of a gingery tint which i like! (Also, new glasses!)


So there, thats my second item crossed off my Clutch List!




2 thoughts on “The Clutch List: Dye hair

    • Oh it can be so much work. I don’t even dye mine as often as i should (you just reminded me I need to dye it soon!). I went blonde once – now THAT was a lotta work! Ever hear of hair chalk? I came across a girl who uses that to dye her roots. So many awesome possibilities! (sorry, i go off rambling quite a lot!)

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