Love EVERY Body #3. Shoulders, Arms & Hands


Hey beautiful people!

I’m late with Februarys Love EVERY Body post. Let me tell you why.

I was walking home one night contemplating suicide, because i thought a really bitchy girl, who wants to ruin my life, saw how ugly i’ve become. Stupid, i know. I got to my street and suddenly heard a loud bang. Was it a bomb? A terrorist attack? God granting my wish? Nope, it was thunder & lightening. They have never been close enough to be that loud until that day (apparently it even caused a crash, because it frightened some of the locals). Anyway, i ran into my house and started crying with fear. (What a wuss, 5 minutes ago I wanted to die!!) Our electricity was gone. We fixed that, as it was just a matter of flipping the fuses. However our wifi was fried. The modem, the phone line, and my boyfriends computer were destroyed. I was without wifi for a month! A MONTH!!!!


Now let me get started. I’m not a fan of my arms, or hands, but they deserve some love. Lets start at my shoulders. I love my shoulders, they’re narrow and feminine as fuck. Not weak though, I have a really strong upper back. Without my shoulders, roller derby would be all booty. I like variety! Which reminds me, i need a top that flashes the right amount of shoulder….

I love how I have the equipment to cuddle, as I happen to be a huge hug addict. I never half-ass a hug! I tend to squeeze the hell out of whoever I’m hugging and love when they do the same. One of my cousins hugs me every time he sees me. Its kind of our thing!

I also like to flex my muscles. I know they’re there, but they’re hiding. I want to eventually see definition.

My arms are nice and soft. I can’t wear anything without flashing my forearms and tiny wrists.

My hands are great. I always forget how much they mean to me. Without them I couldn’t write or draw or make things. They are essential tools for doing my hair and makeup and without them I wouldn’t have this blog.

I’m hoping i haven’t bored you though. I’ll be back next week with my favourite topic: BOOBS!!

Until then, have a great week, and be nice to yourselves!

-Charlene x


6 thoughts on “Love EVERY Body #3. Shoulders, Arms & Hands

  1. All hail the boobs! On a serious note, I hope you’re feeling a little better now? How could anyone say you’re ugly?! NEVER in a million years are you ugly. Please file those ideas under F for f off. 😀 I hope the bitchy girl gets served an attitude adjustment and soon. What a sad waste of life to go around making other people feel shit. She must have a really sad and empty life.

    A strong upper back and arms are essential for good hugging, and it’s a skill to be proud of! I bet everyone loves your hugs.

    A month without wifi? I’d have been like a fish out of water. Looking forward to your boobie post! x x x

    • Thank’s so much! I’m alright now. I think the new meds are helping. Its about time for me! I’ve gotten crap over how I look for years. I hate people!

      Yes, strength makes hugs sooo much better. I think that’s why my cousin hugs me so much.

      I have a serious amount of respect for cave people. How could anyone live without WiFi…. ever?!

  2. I’m sorry you were contemplating suicide, I know how hard it is when you have those thoughts. I hope you have someone to talk to when you need it.

    I want one of your hugs, they sound fantastic xx

    • I hope they are!

      I’m alright at the moment. It happens often though and I hate it. I mean, I’m anti-suicide, but when you’re that depressed you’d do anything to end it.

      I have my boyfriend. He listens to me. He never knows what to say but he hugs me, so it helps a little. Once you’re in someones arms it stops you wanting to do anything else!

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