A Collection of My Creepy Experiences


I was just replying to an article I’d read on xoJane’s Creepy Corner, and decided my comment was so long, it deserved a blog post of its own. So without further ado, I give you, A Collection of My Creepy Experiences.

Oh where do i begin? I’ve so much to say. I’ll even put everything in its own paragraph.


I’ve never done drugs, and only suffer from non-bipolar depression and anxiety. I’m not religious either.


I hear a voice. Female. Very like my (living) mothers. Its usually calling my name. Its hard to tell if it’s a hallucination or if i’m actually hearing it. I’ve convinced myself i’m hallucinating because I’m overtired, but I’m keeping an open mind.

3am (or more specifically 3:15, 3:16, 3:33 – after that i’m safe, or so I like to believe):

I avoid looking at my phone or being alone at these times (if I don’t know the time it can’t hurt me…. Right…..??)

Sleep paralysis:

I despise this with every inch of my being. Its usually accompanied by an overbearing panic attack and some form of noise, usually a buzz or a screech. Similar to me hearing voices, this happens when I’m overtired and have lost the battle to stay awake. Sometimes I feel as if someone is shaking me and on one occasion I had a visual hallucination of my friend at the time, who I later discovered is pure evil, sitting on top of me (i  discovered she was toxic way after i hallucinated and way after my boyfriend dreamt of flies flying out of her mouth). I’ve since learned tricks like focusing on my breathing, making any tiny noise i can (my OH always knows to console me when this happens), and going to fecking sleep (which i am so not doing right now).

Pets & Ghosts:

My dog’s possessed. He has to be. He growls at random things and wakes up barking. He’s also an asshole. Every time, and I mean EVERY time, I watch or read something scary, He comes over to me and freaks me out. I’ve had to put him outside when watching scary stuff just for peace of mind. But yeah, he’s evil. He’s the first dog i’ve seen that seems to enjoy playing pranks on his owners. My favourite one was recently. I was actually reading Creepy Corner around 3am (because I’m insane), when i heard a long knock on my living room window. I… FREAKED…. OUT…. I looked around and noticed the fluffy one scratching, thumping his foot off the ground. Asshole…. He seems to like interrupting the Walking Dead too. Not to scare me, just because he’s evil.

Speaking to my dead friend:

When my friend died (more my exes friend – but we really bonded), it was because he fell off a moving bus after a drunken argument with his family. We didn’t think he intended to die, but there was always that “What if?”. The night he died, the three of us sat laughing, having a great time. He rushed off without saying goodbye as he had to go to a party. I remember at the wake, i spent a lot of time next to him with his girlfriend, joking about him waking up, telling us it was a prank, or giving out about his makeup. The week after his funeral I had a dream. I call it a dream, but it was more real than any dream i’ve ever had. We were in this room. Me, him and his girlfriend. We knew he was dead. We were happily chatting away and saying goodbye. It was so clear. After that dream, I felt more connected to his girlfriend and really wanted to see her happy again. I always thought of mentioning it to her but erred on the side of caution! I just had a thought recently, that maybe that experience was his way of telling us his death wasn’t a suicide, just a drunken miscalculation. I’ll never forget that dream.

Astral projection (Possibly):

Okay this ones a bit hard to grasp. When I was younger, I remember going to see my grandmothers father (on my mothers side). She says he died before i was born or when i was a baby, but I MET HIM! I was young enough, no older than 7, and we were at his house, with a few distant cousins. I vividly remember! Recently, I read some stuff on astral travelling, and stumbled across astral time travelling. That must be what i did. I know my grandmother, and her father (a skeptic) have had ghostly experiences too, from stories she’s told me. So its entirely possible we astral travelled together.

Psychic Dreams:

Okay, this isn’t about me, but family members on my mothers side. Let me start with my great-grandfather.

His wife died after the birth of her youngest daughter. My grandmothers sister was in trouble at school. She was being harassed by teachers and other kids. One night, he saw his dead wife at the end of the bed. She told him to talk to his daughter as she was in trouble. Now this man was a total skeptic, and as he was talking about it he laughed at it, saying it was scary clear, but he was going mad. But my grandmother then told him that her sister was being bullied!

Next, on to my grandmother. She has dreams of her aunts. When she dreams of one aunt, she knows she’s going to get good news, but when she sees another, its a warning of a bad news in the family. She swears these dreams are never wrong (and i believe she saw the “bad news aunt” when her sister was being bullied).

Now my aunt. This has nothing to do with the fact that she and her son are in a lot of my nightmares… but i thought i’d throw that out there anyway.

This woman lives in a haunted house. There’s a regular ghost, who they nicknamed Gussy, but for a while there was a malevolent one (it locked her into her room from the outside once – she only noticed when her son came to her door asking if she was calling him one night – WHICH SHE WASN’T!!!).

But back to the topic of dreams. One in particular. We were abroad for her wedding, and me and my OH kept fighting over his drinking. One night, it got really bad, and I was giving some serious thought as to whether I wanted to be in this relationship, and I really considered just taking my own life. The next morning she ran up to me saying “Thank God you’re okay!”, turns out she had a dream I died. I laughed it off, but couldn’t help feeling guilty.

Those were my experiences, now I want to hear about yours. 

Creepy stuff excites me more than the average human being.


x x x x

Who ya gonna call? -Me!

Who ya gonna call? -Me!


4 thoughts on “A Collection of My Creepy Experiences

  1. My mum told me that after I suffered a miscarriage her late mother appeared at the end of her bed holding a baby, at the time this deeply upset me but I now like to think that they are both together and watching over us.

  2. Oh shit, here goes. When I was a teenager my boyfriend was supposed to be staying over at my mum’s with me, but we got into a stupid argument and he stormed off down the road at about 2 am. I tearfully followed and a couple of minutes later we arrived near to a house and you could see from a distance the lights were flashing on and off all the time and there was a terrible screaming of a level I’ve never heard before or since. It was a child’s voice screaming ‘Mummy! Mummy! I’m burning! I’m burning!’ We both heard it because it was about 100 friggin’ decibels, but there was no fire. I covered my ears up and ran away because it was the most terrifying thing I’d ever heard but my boyfriend stayed and listened for a while. Needless to say, our argument was swiftly forgotten and we both went back to the house shell-shocked. I was too afraid to sleep and it fucked me up for months afterwards. I was terrified of going to sleep for a LONG time as I would hear those screams. I still hate walking past that house over 20 years later.

    Another occasion was when I went on a ghost walk at a castle organised by my ghost-fanatic then-boss. I was walking across a field in between parts of the supposedly heavily haunted castle talking to my work mate, who was behind me. I wasn’t getting any answers after a while, so I turned round and there was no one there. He’d caught up with the people in front of me (I hadn’t noticed in the pitch blackness) and whatever I sensed behind me wasn’t a person. The hairs all over my body stood on end and I ran like mad to catch up with everyone.

    The night before the Zeebrugge ferry disaster I dreamt about a boat sinking. One time when my brother and I were walking along towards our house I said ‘Stop. Look up!’ totally out of the blue and we saw a near miss of two planes in the sky which was mentioned on the news later on. They weren’t the buzzy low flying small aircraft you can hear, but major jet liners too far above to hear. I’d just had something tell me to look up.

    Often I know I’m going to see someone that day, people I haven’t seen for ages or there’s no realistic chance of bumping into, but it happens. Most notably with my old school friend Paula who moved to Jamaica when I was about 14. When I was about 18 or 19 and working at Gatwick, I thought to myself ‘I’m going to see Paula today.’ out of the blue. I finished my shift and went to the train station and there she was, looking at the information boards as I was.

    I know when loads of things are going to happen, and my sixth sense has gotten me out of some gnarly situations before, like knowing in advance when someone was going to try to mug me.

    All these things had no bearing until a friend told me I was an empath, and then it all became clear.

    • That screaming child sounds absolutely terrifying. I wonder could there have been anything about it in your local paper?

      I really wish i had your boss! And anything that could be a demon freaks me the hell out. I wouldn’t mind seeing a ghost if it was of a person, but demons? Hell no! Still, I’d love to go to that castle. What was it called? I might look it up next time I want to freak myself out.

      Whoah, predicting disasters sounds scary. I have had dreams of people I haven’t seen in ages too. Then I see em. I once had a dream about a girl from secondary school, and a boy from primary. Then they got in contact with me, and they were together!

      I want your sixth sense. Paranoia is all I have. Though it can be a good trait when it comes to saving my ass.

      All these things had no bearing until a friend told me I was an empath, and then it all became clear.

      I’m guessing your friend is psychic. I’d love to be an empath!

      Thanks for making my day more interesting!

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