Love EVERY Body: #4 The Booby Post

I love my boobs. They’re not perfect but I love them.

It wasn’t always that way though. When they started to grow, people would comment on them a lot, which was quite embarrassing. Back then, there was nothing worse than those two pointy things under my school jumper. Also, TMI, but they hurt a lot!!

They soon blossomed into lovely things though. I was going to go more into detail, but I don’t want some creepy pervert in internet land drooling over my detailed description of my boobs. No offense.

Let me get into the reasons I love them:

1. They look good.


There’s nothing that makes me feel better than wearing a low cut top. I’m usually insecure, so showing off the goods is kind of my way of compensating for my shortcomings when I go out clubbing. “Oh, so she has nice legs?? Well *BAM* Boobs. (Yes, I do feel threatened by anyone in a short skirt). I always get complimented on them, even by my own family (they’re all mad).

2. They’re built-in cupholders.


Here’s some very grainy evidence of my cupholders

Ever wished you had a third hand? Well who needs one when you can hold stuff with your mammary glands. Cups, glasses and bottles always have somewhere to go if I don’t want to put them down. It’s brilliant!

3. Extra storage.


I’m very upset that I couldn’t find an appropriate gif for this.

Whoever invented the bra, was one crafty genius. From storing money or a phone, to sneaking a hip flask into a pub – its a gift to women everywhere (or at least those who wear bra’s).

4. They make reading a lot easier.


Nothing makes reading easier than a huge rack. When I’m lying down i can rest a book, tablet or laptop on my chest. That way my arms don’t have to be holding it up the whole time..

I’m sure I have a long list more of the perks of having my boobs, but that’s all I can think of for now. Basically, boobs are awesome!

If you’re interested in writing about body parts you love, check out the awesome Love EVERY Body challenge over at Leah’s blog.


Adios amigos!


PS. Check out the others doing the challenge:



7 thoughts on “Love EVERY Body: #4 The Booby Post

  1. Boobs ARE awesome! I always wear low cut tops whenever I go clubbing. I may not have great legs or a tiny waist, but I sure as hell out-boob most women there! Hahaha.

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