Love EVERY Body #5: Stomach…. *TRIGGER WARNING* Please just kill me.



I usually get excited about these posts because I’m trying to find good things about body parts, but not this month! I know I’m supposed to write good things about my stomach, but I literally don’t like a single thing about it. I hate it more than I hate my enemies. More than I hate cheaters and homewreckers. More than the smell of rotten eggs. I have on numerous occasions visualized myself cutting it off with a pair of scissors, and am definitely considering saving for surgery. So this months blog post is entirely pointless. Feel free to stop reading now, as this should probably come with a trigger warning *edits title to include trigger warning*

Ugh, anyway I can only think of horrible things to write about my stomach, so I’m going to tweak this challenge a bit to avoid saying anything negative about it. This is truthfully the hardest thing I have ever had to do, apart from getting unsolicited criticism about my diet (Let me extend a massive fuck you to that person).

Okay, positivity time. My stomach keeps my hands warm when the rest of me is cold. It helps elevate my laptop when I can’t see the screen over the girls. When I go to bed, I like to lie on my stomach as its the softest part of me, therefore the most comfortable body part to be in contact with the mattress.

Anyway I apologize for not being able to write more, but hopefully I’ll eventually grow to love my stomach. If you’re interested in taking part in this Love EVERY Body challenge, check out Leah’s blog about it. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Love EVERY Body #5: Stomach…. *TRIGGER WARNING* Please just kill me.

  1. Aww i’m sorry to hear that you can’t think too much positive about your stomach, but glad to see despite hating your tummy you have managed to find something nice about it. X x x

  2. Hey now, don’t hate your stomach! Of course not every stomach is the same. I don’t hate mine, even though I have had two surgeries on my stomach. First one – a hysterectomy with a long scar. The second one – a kidney transplant with discoloring and severe dryness around my belly button. I am working on losing some of my stomach but I am trying to accept it the way it is.

    • I actually like scars. They’re never something to be ashamed of in my opinion! I think my stomachs gotten bigger since i got a copper IUD. I just constantly look pregnant now and it really limits what i feel comfortable wearing! But I’m a perfectionist and want washboard abs. I wish i could just accept!

  3. I think this was the hardest post for a lot of us to write, I think it’s a part of our bodies that we’re taught to hate if it’s not “perfect”. I admire that you wrote as much as you did. That shows an amount of courage and bravery!

    Also i like your signature x

  4. I think stomachs are a problem area for most people, but I hope that we can all learn to love our bellies! Thanks for writing this post, despite it being so difficult. It really shows how strong you are. 🙂

    • Thank you! I think the world needs more things like that. It gets boring hating ourselves so its at good to at least make the effort to like ourselves. BTW, I love MakeUseOf!

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