#OMCZ Challenge: 1 item, 3 ways


Hey beautiful people!

This months assignment, which is my first, was the brainchild of Erin, from Erin’s Little {Big} Corner.:

“Blogging about fashion while living on a budget can be difficult. There is a lot of pressure to keep up with trends and be the first to display a relevant piece. Because it does not suit my finances or lifestyle to constantly purchase new items, I love creating multiple looks around one piece to really stretch the life of my wardrobe. I challenge all of you to create a ‘One Item + Three Ways’ look to either showcase an item through multiple seasons, or for multiple occasions.” 

I feel I need to apologize for a few things. The sweaty makeupless face, greasy looking hair, and messy room. I just completed a workout so that explains pretty much everything.Hello my lovely followers,

I got a call for another interview today, so I bought new clothes last minute. I spent the last hour trying on different things trying to decide what to wear (any suggestions welcome).

I cheated a little. My one item is actually two items, and they are my tights and shoes, both from Tesco. So uncreative, but I was busy preparing for the interview!

Everything here is outside my comfort zone. Business attire was never my thing! But it looks better than jeans and a hoodie for sure, (Why I continue to wear them is beyond me…)


Here’s look #1 – A pencil skirt (thrifted), blouse (Tesco), and blazer (Tesco)





And #2 – A dress (tesco), the blazer, and a waist cinching (or should I say crushing) belt.





And finally, look #3 – Again with the dress and waist crushing belt. No blazer and arms on display, which is VERY out of my comfort zone.



Check out the other people taking part. And sorry again about the messy gym!

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Charlene chinupsandpinups.wordpress.com




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