Escaping The Happiness Trap: Thanks Mind!

I’m writing this in an episode of extreme rage. The reason? I’ve no fucking idea. I’m really snappy this week and I hate it.

Today I was to say “Thanks Mind”, whenever I had a negative thought. I kept forgetting to do it though. I might have done it, and forgot, but chances are I wasn’t able to be genuine about it. I didn’t think this technique would work for me anyway. “I’m having the thought that…” seems to be the one I see working the most.

I’m on to my second day of deep breathing, and I just want it to be finished day 5 so I can read the rest of the book. I need to practice defusing my emotions though. It’s quite hard.

Tomorrow I’m on to Silly Voices, where I am to say my negative thoughts to myself in silly voices.

Hope it doesn’t make me feel like I’m mocking myself!




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