Escaping The Happiness Trap: Silly Voices

Sorry about the late post. It was my 4 year anniversary with the man and there was alcohol involved.
Yesterday’s challenge was silly voices. I was to imagine my negative thoughts in silly voices. I thought of a few. Bernadette and Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, ET, Mickey Mouse, and a few others. Did they work? I don’t know. I didn’t notice. Practice makes perfect though. However my imagination is seriously lacking when it comes to silly voices. I must Google a few.

I also completed day 3 of deep breathing. I think this may eventually prove useful. I notice my thoughts wander a lot less than i’d imagined. I’m skeptical about its effectiveness during a bout of extreme anxiety though. But I’m still practicing it.

Today my main focus is deep breathing. I’ve been practicing it so far but today I’ll be using it in difficult situations.

Until then have a great Bank holiday!



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