Escaping The Happiness Trap: Musical Soundtrack


I haven’t posted in a while as I hadn’t found an appropriate moment to use the Musical Soundtrack technique. Well, I might have, but I have a crap memory.

Last night and today, I have been expecting an aggressive confrontation (for once, I’m not the aggressive one). Its almost certainly going to happen.. I am having the thought that it’s almost certainly going to happen. Musical Soundtrack didn’t go very quickly for me. I had to create a clear image in my head and then practice manipulating the image and adding the soundtrack. I tried an angry song and The Rains Of Castamere, because, well, I’m addicted. Next time I’ll try the song from The Lego Movie. It might be therapeutic to sing “everything is awesome” during a moment of intense negativity.

I liked this because it involved being creative. That said, I’m still dreading that impending confrontation. Pray for me!

Oh, and next time its Shifting Locations.



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