Be Free

Be Free is a poem I wrote 9 years ago after breaking up with my asshole first boyfriend. I was 17, I had left him a while before this was written. I know now that I didn’t love him. He forced me to tell him I loved him. Everything in that relationship was forced and after I left him he continued to bully me until I managed to cut contact with him completely. As a result, I developed PTSD, which is now at its peak despite now being with a wonderful patient guy who is everything the ex isn’t. It inspired the original version of this poem which can be found at my extremely Emo AllPoetry page. I edited it before putting it into the blog because 17 year old me had no regard for spelling and grammar. My grammar’s still not great, but at least I have evolved from TXT SPK.

You’re longing to be loved, when you’re finally free,
I want to rise above the pain love caused me,
You’ve got thoughts, memories, regret on your mind,
I’ve come to help you put the past behind.

I’m here for you when your feeling low,
My perspective will help you to grow,
I came to help a friend in need,
Just lower your defenses and follow my lead.

I’ll soak up your tears, if you listen to me,
Just imagine living fearless and carefree,
“I love you” is the first sign of pain,
In love, happiness is hard to maintain.

If you don’t give your heart it will never be broken,
I’ve been in this nightmare, but I have awoken,
Life is short -too short to share,
Its time you learn that people don’t care,

Your heart will need mending before you’re old and grey,
But real love will find you and it won’t go away.



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