Mental Illness isn’t Laziness

Dear Mary,

Another girl dropped out of our course today…. and all you could do was call her lazy. We had a really tough Law assignment to do. Mine was 20 pages long. It was unfinished but I lied to you and told you I had it done. I pretended to be off sick for two days, but in reality I was trying to get my assignment done so I could avoid your condescending remarks. Yes, that’s right – I pretended to be sick because of you. All you ever seem to do is ask people questions, so that you can bitch about them later at lunch. I’m tired of listening to it. Tired of you. Can’t you say one nice word about a person without saying how they should be living their life?

Nadia left because the course is hard. She was the 6th person to leave since August. Its such a fucking high volume of work crammed into one year. It’s stressful for anyone. Although me and Nadia were never great friends, I felt obligated to get you to see things from her point of view. That was obviously a waste of time. I tried to explain to you that some people don’t handle stress as well as others and you just went on a rampage saying “you’ll get nowhere in life dropping out of things. I’d love to be on the couch watching daytime tv staring at the walls too but we all have to do something. We don’t have a choice, we all have to work.” Oh, Mary, it took all my strength not to climb over that table and peel the skin off your face with my teeth.
Despite what you may think, mental health is not a cop-out, not an excuse, and not laziness. I myself have considered leaving this course. I can’t keep up with the work no matter how hard I try, and putting up with bitches like you is not doing my social anxiety and anger issues any favors. You’re always talking about how stupid people are, complaining about how they ask questions a lot and aren’t perfect little Stepford students like you.

People have issues. Depression, anxiety, learning difficulties. They want to be part of society and they want to be able to complete courses like this, and keep their jobs. No matter what you say, they have a choice. I recently had a job, and if I stayed, I probably would have killed myself. Coming home crying from work every day, and fighting the temptation to pour boiling water on an abusive customer – that is not an option! Nobody should have to endure that, no matter what you think. The saddest part of all of this is you have children. What happens if they develop a mental illness? Are you just going to be a cold uncaring bitch to them too?

I’m supposed to meet a bunch of people from college tonight but so far it looks like the only people showing up apart from myself and the our mutual friend will be you and your bitch brigade. I am dreading this. I speak my mind, but it may not be the best idea around you…



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