Techpocalypse: A different kind of zombie apocalypse

Its not a secret that I have a slight fondness for TV shows like The Walking Dead. I also have a very slight fondness for the internet and any piece of tech that grants me internet access. Okay, sorry. I’m not being completely honest with you. By “slight” I mean crippling, and when I say “fondness”, i mean to say obsession.

This past month or so, due to a series of unfortunate and fucking shitty events, I have come to realize just how much I depend on technology. This included:

  1. Losing our WiFi, and TV channels for over a week
  2. Not getting paid and being able to buy alternative entertainment,
  3. Having to spend 12 hours in the A&E waiting room with no access to a charger (mainly because i was afraid of being robbed),
  4. A broken bathroom light,
  5. A blackout
  6. A broken kettle
  7. A broken phone charger – the only USB we had in the house
  8. No way to sync my FitBit steps, so its been lying there with no purpose

As expected, this lack of technology caused me to almost have a complete fucking breakdown. I would sit there – staring, willing things to work again, and try and do the repair peoples work for them. I’m surprised they haven’t blacklisted my number. I was so irritable. It was like coming off a really addictive drug. It was a drug.

When it comes to technology we’re like ants to sugar, moths to a flame, zombies to brains.


This was my apocalypse. I was going so crazy though, that thoughts were running through my head. Weird scenarios of what it would be like to live in a world without technology. Of course, my scenarios were a bit farfetched and exaggerated, but no doubt people would go insane if technology were gone. Imagine if social media just disappeared?! What would we do instead of selfies and status updates? How do we get back into the real world?! I came up with possible alternatives in my tech deprived mind and decided I’m going to start writing a series of short stories about “survivors” (or is that a crappy term for people living without technology, since that seems to be all we are doing right now – feedback appreciated).

I can’t say for certain if these will even be good, but the ideas kept me from attempting to squat in someones house just for WiFi, and making an idiot of myself. I’m not fully certain when I’ll be posting my first short story, but it will probably be on Sundays.

Hope you check it out, if and whenever it happens!

*spoiler alert* ….it didn’t. At least not yet.



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