About Charlene

I’m a short, stumpy Irish girl with a passion for beauty, fashion and genuine self improvement. I also appreciate books, movies, music, TV *catches breath* and general entertainment.

I guess i should explain the reason for the blog name.  They’re both personal goals of mine. To be good ad chin-ups and more importantly, to have the body of a pin-up model. So there ya go. Mystery solved.

Since I’m cursed with hypothyroidism I’m eternally on some form of diet and only starting to figure out what works.  I created this blog to express my opinions on things I’m passionate about, as well as ranting. (I can be a very angry person!)

I started skating in February 2013, and, as expected, i fell in love with Roller Derby. I’m hoping to be bouting soon once i become super awesome.

I’ll be testing out different workouts and the occasional non-faddish eating plan too. All opinions are my own and I’ll be giving honest reviews. I hope my blog will help and inspire others eventually. 🙂 x


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