Escaping the Happiness Trap: TV Screen

Today I was to do the TV Screen technique. Here it is, as explained in the book:

Bring a disturbing image to mind and notice how it affects you. Now imagine there’s a small television screen across the room from you. Place your image on the television screen. Play around with the image: flip it upside down; turn it on its side; spin it around and around; stre-e-e-etch it sideways. If it’s a moving ‘video clip’, play it in slow motion. Then play it backwards in slow motion. Then play it forwards at double speed; then reverse it at double speed. Turn the colour down, so it’s all in black-and-white. Turn the colour and brightness up until it’s ridiculously lurid (so the people have bright orange skin and the clouds are hot pink). The idea is not to get rid of this image but to see it for what it is: a harmless picture. You may need to do this for anything from ten seconds to two minutes, until you really defuse it. 

I have a crap imagination, so this was no easy feat for me. I did try to do it but I have problems visualizing things. I saw the image of me doing something stupid, and attempted to diffuse it. I once again, don’t actually know if it did anything. I couldn’t get a clear picture of the tv, or the image being manipulated. My quest to find my ideal ACT technique continues…

I was an angry mess today too. I’m strongly considering changing the name of my blog to something anger related!

Tomorrow, I’m adding Silly Subtitles or Voice-overs. This may be good because I can visualize sounds so easily.

Goodbye til then.




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