#LoveEVERYBody No.6 – ARSE!


This months Love EVERY Body post is about a body part people want me to hate. My rear end.

I was nicknamed wide-load when I was a teenager, which hurt like hell. Thankfully, I don’t think it stuck for too long. It was tiny compared to now. More recently my ass nearly caused me to lose my job and get arrested. I’ll never forget that. I was making tea for two of the most awful customers ever. I was new and they were putting pressure on me by criticizing how I was making their sandwiches. That was annoying. I went over to make them tea, and as I was pouring the water in, I noticed them making fun of my “massive arse”. That day I proved to myself that I have a miraculous amount of self control. I managed not to show I was upset. The ever so caring voices in my head were telling me to pour the boiling water over them. I really wanted to, but I didn’t. To be honest, I still wish I did pour it over them. I often think of creative ways I could have reacted.

People’s comments got to me for a long time. It’s only recently I’ve discovered I kind of like my backside. It’s nice and round and comfy to sit on. It’s also comfy to fall on most of the time. They say more cushion for the pushin’ for a reason. Since I started roller derby I’ve fallen on my arse so much. I’m surprised my tailbone is still there after all the damage I’ve caused it. I’ve spent months wanting to cry every time I sat down. However, if my ass was smaller there’d probably have been a LOT more damage caused. Trust me, ass pain is the worst kind of pain. Speaking of roller derby, a big butt is always good to have. When I go back to derby I will make good use of it.

The people who have insulted my bum were idiot boys trying to impress their friends. I have a proper man who appreciates my big booty, and that’s all I need. I like how it works with my boobage to give me an awesome curvy shape (not to mention it looks awesome in a pencil skirt).

So to all these men trying to compensate for their lack of personality by insulting my ass: Fuck You! People write songs about nice big butts, not “irresistable body shaming boys”.

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12 thoughts on “#LoveEVERYBody No.6 – ARSE!

  1. You´re totally right! Boys try to impress their friends by insulting us has nothing to do with ourselves and everything to do with them and their lack of personality.

  2. I love the last line! LOVE IT! And yes a Big Booty is definitely needed and worshipped in roller derby, forget the people who were showing off and trying to put you down. Some people have no idea how to live life without making others feel bad!!

  3. Those people are just idiots. There are plenty of people who love a big butt and others who want one. 🙂 I’m glad that you like your bum. Rock your curves! 😀

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